Love and Rebirth in Gaza

So far away from you, it is dark everywhere. City squares lie empty; everyone’s soul is imprisoned. Our purpose is lost. Streets are empty of laughter.   We're fed up with concealment, with passivity like an anesthesia. We’re fed up with making love behind closed doors, hidden by tradition and custom. Here we find everything … Continue reading Love and Rebirth in Gaza


A walk in Jerusalem

A walk in Jerusalem I venture into Jerusalem filled with tears. Fences imprison the old city, Guards perform their prayers, Young men with empty mornings wander the streets all night. On my way to Al-Aqsa, A policeman stops me. “Where are you going?” To pray. “It’s closed now.” What for? “Not your business.” So you … Continue reading A walk in Jerusalem

Three common types of drivers in Gaza

In Gaza, a phenomenon has appeared lately: the harassment of young women by taxi drivers. Girls get harassed verbally, but not often physically. Some drivers in Gaza insist on choosing their passengers, and they choose females, of course, the prettiest ones available. When a girl gets into the taxi-cab, the driver prepares himself and his … Continue reading Three common types of drivers in Gaza